Tactical Marketing Service

Marketing techniques have developed over recent years with more and more tools available to select from. Choosing the right option for your campaign can often be a headache, so the Vision Consulting Group can offer advice on which tools to use; and as importantly what order you use them.

Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC is a phrase you will hear marketers use; quite simply it is all about ensuring your message is heard across numerous channels. It stands to reason if you see, hear, experience a brand name in a variety of contexts and the message is appropriate to you; then you will recall the brand, be more likely to respond, enquire or make a purchase.

How do you measure success? Tracking the performance of your campaigns is essential to improving your business performance. ROI is a vital metric to any small business; indeed our mantra at VCG is “if you can’t measure it, don’t do it.” View our Implementation and Control page to find out how we can help you monitor marketing performance.

To discuss the best way of building a tactical marketing campaign contact us today.

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