Customer Relationship Mangement

Customer Relationship Management has been a buzz word in marketing for many years and is now being developed into CXM or Customer Experience Management. OK enough of the jargon.

The Vision Consulting Group will help you demystify CRM, CXM and any other acronym that relates quite simply to managing your business relationships effectively.

First thing to clear up is that Customer Relationship Management is NOT a software system. There are of course technology solutions out there that will help you to capture, manage, manipulate, report and analyse your data but essentially it is a philosophy.

In order to manage your prospective customers and existing customers effectively you need to understand a number of things. Who are they, where are they, what are their needs, how can you fulfil those needs, how do they buy, when do they buy… the list goes on.

Every business is different, different sectors operate and manage relationships differently. In short your approach to CRM will be unique to how you work and business strategy. Indeed it may fundamentally change the way you work.

Need help unravelling the benefits of CRM and CXM methodology? Contact us to arrange an initial discussion.

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