Glossary of Terms

8mm DVD conversion

8mm DVD conversion is referring to 8mm camcorder cassette tapes pictured.

Typically used in old video camcorders like this.

Manufacturers of this kind of camera and would benefit from 8mm conversion DVD include Sony, JVC, Sanyo, Canon and many more.


Video 8 to DVD conversion

Video 8 to DVD conversion references the original camcorder tapes from the 1980’s and used a “chunkier” tape cassette like the one pictured. Also referred to as video 8 to dvd conversion Hi8 or Hi8mm tapes.

Used in very early camcorders like this one. 8mm conversion DVD


VHS DVD conversion service

VHS Tapes – Are the large format tapes used in standard video players. They became standard and won the format war with Betamax in the early ‘80’s. The tapes are pictured and can also be converted by Vision Marketing as part of the VHS tape conversion to DVD service.


DV Tape conversion service

DV tapes – are the smallest format and used in the most recent camcorders that record onto magnetic tape. The latest technology is hard drive cameras that store video footage onto hard drives that can be connected using firewire cables.