CSR for Small Businesses to be discussed in Liverpool

Businesses are invited to a CIM event hosted at University of Liverpool Business School on 19 April looking at Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Peter Gaunt, SME Ambassador for CIM in the North West, who is organising the event, explained, “CSR is seen as something large organisations must comply with, but small businesses could really take advantage of the benefits that social marketing can bring.”

The event will bring together three leading specialists in social responsibility marketing: David Connor, Founder of 2030Hub and Coethica and currently steering Liverpool’s 2030Hub, the first UN-recognised ‘Local Hub’ for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. David will talk about strategy, communications and social responsibility and the 2030Hub.  Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Communications at Everton Football Club. Richard will explain how organisations can strengthen their partnerships with customers, drawing particularly on Everton’s relationships with fans and the community and its charitable foundation.  Jude Hackett, Head of Strategy and Planning at Hitch Marketing, specialists in national behaviour change, commercial and social marketing campaigns. Jude will discuss CSR, social marketing and changing behaviours for social good, drawing particularly on the ‘Dry January’ campaign.

Peter added, “This event is particularly useful to introduce marketers in small businesses to the best social marketing practices. Attendees will take away practical ideas on how best to engage with customers and the community and how to put behaviour change theories into practice.”

The event, titled “CSR: customers, communities and marketing’, is sponsored by The Candidate and Oxford College of Marketing, is open to CIM members and non-members.  For more information or to book go to http://regions.cim.co.uk/events or call +44 (0)1628 427340 during office hours.

Image: CSR