Creative Briefs

The Vision Consulting Group prepare creative briefs in conjunction with our clients. This collaborative approach ensures nothing is missed and we provide clear, focused and robust creative direction for the appropriate designers, whatever the medium.

Here are some typical questions we will ask you, but work with you to find the answers as we develop the Creative Brief Creation phase.

Product/ServiceWhich product or service are you promoting?
ObjectiveWhat are you aiming to achieve through this communication?
Eg Raise awareness – Change Perception – Generate x sales and y conversion…
BudgetDo you have a fixed budget for the campaign?
Or an indication of the required intensity?
Format / Mix of ChannelsEmail – Direct Mail – Press ad – Editorial… etc.
Target AudienceWho are you aiming your message at?
BrandingWhich part of the business is communicating this message?
PositioningHow would you like the message to be perceived?
Eg Cheapest on the market – Exclusive – Groundbreaking and Innovative – Niche… etc.

Is your message to be personalised?

Primary messageWhat is the one key message you want to communicate above all else?
Secondary message(if relevant)Is there a supporting message or messages?
VolumeEg: No.of flyers to be printed, emails to be sent, calls to be made.
Do you have a segmented contact database?
Activity start dateWhen would you like to communicate this message?
CopyApprox. word count if appropriate
Call to ActionHow do you want your target audience to respond?
Eg Telephone – Email – Post – Via your website – or make a F2F appointment.
Source CodeHow will you track response to this communication?
Additional informationAny examples or additional documents that may provide direction for the Creative Team.