A “Design For Recycling” value proposition for Axion

The Client

Axion are a chemical engineering company operating in the resource recovery sector. They use science to find new ways to minimise waste and recover value from materials at end of first life. Launched in 2002 as a consultancy they now run their own sorting and reprocessing plants, producing a range of high quality polymers with recycled aggregates and alternative fuels as by-products of the process. The experience of developing plants has led to technical contributions in government projects working with WRAP and RECOUP to improve recycling processes and reduce waste. One of Axion’s directors also sits on the board of the British Plastics Federation.

The Brief

Vision Consulting Group was assigned to utilise this experience and develop a proposition that could be targeted to key stakeholders in the plastics industry. The result of strategic planning, market research, segmentation, proposition development and copywriting has seen the launch of the most effective direct marketing campaign they have ever embarked on. “Packaging Design for Recycling”

How was success achieved?

Vision Consulting Group conducted market research and built a strategic marketing plan in August 2017. This contained a robust and “technical knowledge share” approach to the UK markets perception of plastics. Including all stakeholders and lobbyists such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. An internal SWOT analysis provided the knowledge gap and expertise that the packaging design and manufacturing industry require to design plastic packaging in a way that is optimised for the current UK recycling infrastructure.

Once the proposition was finalised a detailed integrated communications plan was devised in September/October 2017 including all copy, marketing collateral and data required to launch the service.

Following a soft launch on the website the direct marketing campaign was executed in Q1 2018 by VCG and has delivered. “The most effective direct marketing campaign ever carried out for one of our consultancy servicesin the history of the business.” Commented Axion’s Head of Circular Economy Richard McKinlay. He adds “Not only has this campaign raised awareness of the Axion brand but it has given a voice for recyclers influencing packaging design. After all we have the chemical engineering knowledge and have designed recycling processes so are best placed to influence how brands, retailers and manufactures can optimise their plastic packaging to return the most value post-use. We have secured meetings and projects with several large groups as a result, something we wouldn’t have known how to achieve previously.”

One key element for the success of this campaign is timing. An often-overlooked aspect but sometimes key to the success of marketing message. Clearly the ability to join the plastics debate whilst providing a solution was key to the strategy we developed for the client.

As a consequence, Vision Consulting Group were short-listed for the 2018 Chemicals North West Awards in the “Supplier to the Chemical industry” category.

This case study demonstrates my ability to deliver successful strategic and tactical marketing plans in a highly technical sector.

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