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At the Vision Consulting Group we believe you can only realise your dreams by understanding your current position in your specific market place. We will take time to understand your business, get to grips with the challenges you face and research your customers and competitors. In effect, we will become a virtual department in your company.

A clear and concise brief will be developed for your approval. Time spent on understanding and defining the problem and agreeing objectives is an invaluable stage in the process, and often overlooked.

Once agreed we will produce an interpretation and high level scope including our recommendations and costs for what we believe should be included in your marketing campaign or plan. The detail of this will clearly be defined by the scale of the project.

Following your discussion and approval we will then execute the agreed marketing plan managing the creative process and utilising our network of specialists where relevant. You will be updated on progress and a robust sign-off process will be followed in order to ensure all stakeholders are bought into the end result.

If you require us to work with your lead agency or approved suppliers, you will find us objective, constructive and dedicated.


If you want to realise the true potential of your business and need support in making your vision a reality contact us for an initial discussion.

Marketing Planning Enquiry Form or Call 01244 560 605


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