About Vision Consulting Group

The Vision Consulting Group is a full service marketing consultancy, the brainchild of Stephen Lloyd DipM FCIM.

Our offer is broad but straightforward which pretty much sums up our style of working. A small company with a BIG attitude the Vision Consulting Group generates creative, unique and of course “Big Ideas” in a jargon free, no nonsense way.

We understand the pressures and constant challenges from market forces including the competition, changes in customer behaviour, new technology and legal constraints. We also know creative ideas keep your business on the front foot.

Our aim is to get to know your business fast, understand your sales and marketing challenge and come up with a cunning plan to perhaps; raise awareness, generate sales, develop new propositions or possibly motivate your workforce. Whatever your challenge we will get to grips with it quickly by working closely with you in your workplace.

Why us? Stephen’s profile should provide the answer… along with a few words from clients and former colleagues. View Testimonials & Case Studies


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