The value of integrity in business

Integrity is as important in your business life as it is at home. Indeed it cannot be overstated that trust is everything when it comes to building a successful brand.

Integrity in business builds strong brands

The only difference is, if you failed to deliver on a promise made to a close friend or relative, the chances are you will be forgiven.

Undoubtedly, given another chance to make good on your commitment.

This is not true in business. If you commit to a deadline, price, objective, quality standard or sign an NDA you are duty bound to deliver on your promise.

Of course the reality is this doesn’t always happen, and sometimes with good reason.

However as leading brands have demonstrated failing to deliver their brand promise to their customers, suppliers and stakeholders day in day out can have distasterous consequences. In some cases deliberating deceiving them.

The key is to remain honest and straightforward ensuring you instill this throughout your business so you can be confident you are protecting the integrity of the brand. After all you have worked so hard to build it up.

That said and using a sporting analogy, you are only as good as your last match. So a salute to the honest, straightforward and hardworking professionals out there. Watch out the rest……we’re coming for your business!